Oh Christmas tree… It’s time to go!

Don’t wait for your tree to dry out before taking it down. Avoid fire hazards by disposing of it before the New Year. Here are some tips from Lowes on how to remove your tree in a safe environmentally friendly manner:

  • Remove décor: ornaments, light, skirt and tree stand. Keep a bucket nearby to dump water that may have collected in the stand.
  • Cover your tree. Use a large plastic tree bag or old blanket to put around your tree before removing it. This will help keep needles and sap from getting on carpet on hardwood.
  • Check in with your waste management company. Many communities offer curbside pickup and recycling services for Christmas trees…or you can arrange a special pickup. Either way, if you place your tree on your curb, be sure to not obstruct any roads or sidewalks.
  • Clean up your space. Sweep up any scattered needles with a broom instead of a vacuum to avoid clogging and damage. If over-watering caused water damage to carpets, clean and steam them to prevent mold buildup.