Message from our President

Unite in our efforts to revitalize our community, breathe new life into our neighborhoods and re-energize our clients.

Each year we are presented with opportunities to start fresh – to build on our successes, develop revised goals, and discard anything that is holding us back. This year Trellis intends to revitalize our community, breathe new life into our neighborhoods and re-energize our clients.

Neighborhood Revitalization

Concentrating on our original focus of neighborhood revitalization, Trellis is building on the momentum generated by a number of recent activities along the McDowell Road Commercial corridor.

Trellis believes that if a neighborhood’s business district is strong, the surrounding neighborhood benefits through economic opportunities, entry-level jobs, workforce training and convenient access to goods and services for residents. We truly believe that the McDowell Road corridor is primed to become a thriving main street destination providing Phoenix neighbors with a vibrant mix of walkable, community-driven services.

Building Affordable Homes

Trellis also intends to expand our focused efforts to breathe new life into Phoenix neighborhoods with the development of up to a possible dozen new, single-family homes near downtown Phoenix and a total of 20 new townhomes near light rail.   According to local economist Elliot Pollack, “the shortage of workforce housing is the biggest issue for Phoenix.” 

An economist with Zillow reported that “Phoenix is worse off than the national average of 22 percent with only 17 percent of entry-level homes available.   D. Patrick Lewis, the president-elect of the Arizona Realtors Association, believes the biggest challenge for the local housing market is affordability. “As prices continue to rise in metro Phoenix, it’s become increasingly difficult for first-time homebuyers to find a house that meets their price.” Our development efforts will add to sorely needed affordable inventory.

Financial Stability

Trellis will continue to re-energize our clients by growing our Financial Coaching program.  An Arizona Republic report late last year shared that, “despite the good economy, many still struggle with finances. Many lower-income households are just treading water, or worse.”  And a recent CNBC report highlighted the nearly 80% of American workers that live paycheck-to-paycheck.

To increase the confidence for households like these to take basic steps to improve their finances, Trellis offers financial coaches to empower and guide clients to set budgets, create savings and pay off debt. Trellis helps clients turn financial knowledge into positive financial behaviors.


Patricia Garcia Duarte

President & CEO