A great partner. A great friend.

Our 40 years of making a difference in the lives of our families and in the health of their communities could not have been possible without “a little help from (our) friends” at JP Morgan CHASE and its predecessors, Valley National Bank and Bank One.

Valley National Bank became Bank One in 1992 and it helped open many doors for Trellis. Over the years their leaders have served on our Board of Trustees, Board of Directors and our Loan Committees; their generous donation of a small commercial building to us in 1995 had a profound effect on our early financial well-being and stabilization; their 1998 support of our Homeownership Center set the stage for its growth and development;  their financial investment served as a catalyst in securing the Phoenix Family Housing Fund, Trellis’s first mortgage loan pool; and their loyal sponsorships of our Realtor Appreciation Breakfasts have all been critical to our history.

When Bank One merged with Chase in 2004 their legacy of support continued. Their New Markets Tax Credit Loan enabled us to purchase our very first “home” in 2006 and Chase’s Arizona Manager of Community Partnerships became our Executive Director that same year. Nine years later Patricia Garcia Duarte is still at our helm and Chase remains a steadfast partner.

Over these last several decades operational and capital support from Chase to Trellis has totaled several million dollars, their title sponsorships for Home Sweet Home and our recent 40th anniversary celebration greatly expanded our reach and influence and the energy and enthusiasm of Chase leaders and staff who have graciously shared their expertise and assistance in support of our mission all add up to a relationship built on constancy, consistency and collaboration.

There’s no doubt we are proud to say “(We’ve) got a friend” in JPMorgan CHASE!

Pictured above is (from left to right): Seth Mones, Vice President & Relationship Mgr of Global Philanthropy, JPMorgan CHASE; Maura Cordova, Vice President, Media & Community Engagement, JPMorgan CHASE; Patricia Garcia Duarte