Arizona Allocates $7M to Help Renters, Landlords During Pandemic

As stated in an article by Kevin Stone on KTAR News, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has allocated $7 million from the state’s emergency fund to help renters and property owners struggling financially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The distribution includes $5 million to replenish the state’s Rental Property Owner Preservation Fund, which, according to a Wednesday press release, helps landlords “provide safe and reliable housing to their tenants and prevent pandemic-related foreclosures.”

The other $2 million will address more than 5,500 Phoenix residents who have applied for assistance through the Arizona Department of Housing’s Rental Eviction Assistance Program.

The new funding is in addition to about $50 million in rent assistance available from city, county and non-profit programs across Arizona.

Where Does the Renter Relief Come From?

The money is coming from the Crisis Contingency and Safety Net Fund, which was established as part of the March state budget deal and is controlled by the governor’s office.

“With today’s funding, we are expanding efforts to keep all Arizonans in their homes and helping ensure rents continue to get paid,” Ducey said in the release.

“We will continue to work with our county, city and community partners to get Arizonans impacted by this pandemic the resources and support they need.”

Current Renter Protection

Arizona has moratorium on evictions for renters who lost wages because of the pandemic, but it expires Saturday. However, a federally mandated pause on evictions issued in September remains in effect through Dec. 31

Trellis Helps Renters

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