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Section 3 Advantage

Trellis works in participation with other local non-profit partners, community organizations and Workforce Connections towards the development of a local database of job-seekers, as a resource to prospective Bidders, with the objective of people to employer needs for our projects.

Section 3 is a provision of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Act of 1968, which recognizes that HUD funds are typically one of the largest sources of federal funding expended in communities through the form of grants, loans, entitlement allocations and other forms of financial assistance. Section 3 is intended to ensure that when employment or contracting opportunities are generated through the use of HUD, CDBG or other forms of Federal funding that to the greatest extent feasible, preference be given to low and very low income persons or to business concerns that meet the income limits.

This program is geared toward the benefit of the a Bidder in that it allows for up to a 9% variance between the Section 3 Qualified Bidder and a lower-priced non-participating Bidder.

There are three primary methods that Bidders can satisfy HUD Section 3 qualification and once attained preference consideration is good for 12 months.Equal housing


Parties interested in participation need to download the information in the links below, read the instructions, complete the forms and either mail, fax, email or deliver them to Trellis.

Trellis Qualification and Participation Instructions PDF

Qualification Forms (Individuals) PDF

Qualification Forms (Businesses) PDF

Qualification Instructions for Outreach PDF

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