How to clean and maintain your bathroom vent fan

The heat just won’t stop! As we move into one of the worst month’s to live in Arizona, we thought we’d offer an indoor home maintenance tip. Grab a brush or vacuum, and enjoy that A/C. Here’s how to clean and maintain a Bathroom vent from Danny Lipford of Today’s Homeowner.


How to clean and maintain your bathroom vent fan.

Running a bathroom vent fan during and after your shower is important to remove excess humidity and prevent mold. Cleaning the vent fan annually will keep it running quietly and efficiently. Here’s how:

  1. Turn the power off to the fan.
  2. Remove the cover.
  3. Use a brush or vacuum to remove dust from the cover, then scrub it in soapy water.
  4. Vacuum out the dust from inside the fan box and wipe off the blades.
  5. Spray the moving parts with silicone lubricant to help it run smoothly and quietly.
  6. Replace the vent fan cover.
  7. Turn the power back on.
  8. Check to see if the fan is working properly. If not, remove and replace the vent fan.