A Navajo Who Speaks The Language of Generosity

“I can’t pass up good country music with a nice love story thrown in there as well!” Todd Francis’s favorite quote from the movie, Urban Cowboy is only a hint of what he’s about. Fueled by his Navajo roots, his 98 year old grandmother, and his passion for helping others, he truly speaks a language of generous leadership.  Todd and his spouse have fostered 3 children, 2 of which are happily reunited with their families.  He describes the “best day” of his life, a year ago when he was finally allowed to legally adopt their son in the state of Arizona.  Todd has a colorful variety of “super powers”. He grills the perfect steak, dances every chance he gets, and is writing a book on personal  financial management serving  Native American families. It is no surprise that after more than 14 years with Trellis, our Navajo Cowboy/Former CFO moves forward to expand other  horizons and start a Credit Union which will serve his rural community. Todd Francis’s presence will be missed at the office, but his resilient spirit of kindness, tradition and legacy will be felt by many.