Meet Daniel Gonzalez, a knowledgeable and compassionate loan originator with Trellis Lending. For nearly three years, Daniel has been using his extensive mortgage knowledge to help Trellis provide funding to some of the most vulnerable and under-served members of the community. He is an expert at matching borrowers up with the best possible mortgage rates, the loan programs that match their unique needs, and finding down payment assistance sources.

Daniel jokes that his favorite Trellis moment was being hired by Trellis, but after three years of helping people realize their dream of home ownership, especially when the borrowers didn’t think it was possible, has definitely provided many emotional and proud memories.

Keeping Busy During Quarantine

During this COVID-19 pandemic, Daniel has continued to be very busy. Although he is working remotely out of his home, Daniel has still been able to take advantage of today’s low mortgage rates to help Trellis clients with purchases and refinances.

Fun Fact About Daniel

Daniel just recently became a US citizen. Congratulations, Daniel!

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