Evelyn Cermeno

Just because Trellis is a non-profit, doesn’t mean that there’s not a lot of finances to manage. For nearly six years, Evelyn Cermeno, the Senior Staff Accountant at Trellis, has been keeping track of all the money.

What She Does at Trellis

More specifically, Evelyn’s responsibilities include tracking grants and projects; processing payroll; reviewing and posting payroll and department allocation entries; reviewing receipt/revenue and payment coding; maintaining the general ledger system chart of accounts; and reconciling various general ledger accounts.

Favorite Trellis Moments

Evelyn does not interact a lot with clients, but she loves hearing stories of how Trellis helps so many people. Her favorite Trellis moments are making her coworkers happy by processing their pay on time.

Coping With Quarantine

During this quarantine, Evelyn has evolved her love for baking. She loves to try new recipes, but her main passion has been for sweets – especially Peruvian sweets!

Fun Facts

Evelyn’s house is full of boys. She has two sons – a 4-year old name Ethan and an 18-month old named Eliaz. When she was six months pregnant with Eliaz, Evelyn’s husband convinced her that it would be a great idea to travel to Italy. So they did. Evelyn says that she has never eaten and walked so much in my life! She’s so glad she went. We’re so glad she came back!

Get in Touch With Evelyn

To contact Evelyn, or any of the other knowledgeable and caring people at Trellis, please call (602) 258-1659 or visit our website.