First-Time Homebuyers Get Financial Help from Trellis and Partners

Jonathan and Juli Anne had their hands full. Their growing family included their 2-year-old son, a baby on the way and two foster children – all living together in a 1-bedroom rental apartment. Family togetherness wasn’t just a catch phrase for this household!

In exploring their options for more space, they found a house in the Section 32 Program for low/moderate income 1st time homebuyers through the City of Phoenix. As part of the program, they needed to take a homebuyer education course and they found the perfect match at Trellis, a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved housing counseling agency. For over 40 years, Trellis has been dedicated to the revitalization of Phoenix neighborhoods by providing a full range of programs and services that encourage, create and support homeownership.

Getting an education in how to buy a home

It was at Trellis that Jonathan and Juli learned about all the steps it takes to purchase a home and received valuable lessons on how to sustain homeownership once they received their keys. Their knowledgeable and compassionate Homeownership Advisor Maribel Valdez held their hands through the entire process, offering them information and understanding that made the entire process seem easy.

Finding the right funding

Counseling and education were only the beginning of Jonathan and Juli’s homeownership journey at the Trellis One-Stop Shop. They were then introduced to Trellis Lending loan officer Daniel Gonzalez. Thanks to Daniel’s expertise and diligence, they were soon qualified for a mortgage and he was able to identify various program funds to help them with a down payment.

Closing the housing gap for people of color is a particular focus at Trellis. With that in mind, the non-profit organization was able to partner with U.S. Bank to access down payment assistance funds, specifically for low-and-moderate income borrowers. And, thanks to the Trellis partnership with Western Alliance Bank, Jonathan and Juli received financial assistance through the Bank’s Workforce Initiative Subsidy for Homeownership (WISH) 4-to-1 down payment matching program available through the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

Happy in their new home

As a result of the couple’s hard work, along with housing counseling and mortgage loan programs through Trellis partnerships, Jonathan and Juli are now settling into their 3-bedroom house, paying even less per month than when renting!  Family togetherness never felt so comfortable!

Get the help you need to buy a home

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