How to: Keep your refrigerator running.

Spring is right around the corner! And with it comes Spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is a great time to dust off your refrigerator coils. This once-a-year maintenance item will help ensure maximum performance and extend your fridge’s life.

Follow these three steps to clean coils:

  1. Unplug your fridge.
    (Don’t worry about food spoiling – cleaning your coild only takes about 5 minutes!)
  2. Locate your fridge’s coils.
    Finding the coils depends on the model of your fridge. In older models, coild are displayed prominently in the back. In newer models, they may be hidden behind on a panel on the back of your fridge (on the back or front of your fridge).
  3. Vacuum the coils.
    Add a brush attachment to your vacuum, and vacuum the coils. If the coils are hidden behind a panel, don’t remove the panel, just vacuum right over it.
  4. Give yourself a pat on the back.
    You just made sure your fridge is working in tip-top shape!