A Future For 3 Generations

As a single parent, Bradley Warren is clearly passionate about his daughter and his granddaughter’s future as he shares his joy, “God blessed me with this situation. I want to teach her verses just providing her with everything.” Mr. Warren, recently divorced and seeking a place of his own, explains the challenges of starting a new chapter in life and how it has been over 20 years since he could afford to own a home. He participated in the Trellis Homebuyer Education Course, attended several home advisement sessions and qualified for a Section 32 home and the WISH program (Workforce Initiative Subsidy for Homeownership), which enables homeowners to earn a 3 to 1 match on the money they save towards the purchase of their home. He is adamant about teaching his daughter to manage her money and monitor credit cards while she is still young.

As he sits in his backyard and discusses the topic of money management and youth,  he turns suddenly and says “Why wouldn’t you want to own something verses renting?”  Mr. Warren is described by his Trellis Advisor, Teresa Torres, as a ‘warrior’ and someone that will make things happen to secure his family.  Bradley Warren is a good example for many who hesitate due to lack of information about home ownership. He took ownership of his future by taking the first step, and it has resulted in his own 3 bedroom house . . . that one day he will bequeath to his daughter and her children.