Garfield Community Impact Study – Neighbors Are The Key

A whopping 69% of Garfield neighborhood residents said they are willing to be involved in improving their community, while 42% felt the community has improved significantly in the last 3 years. The key purpose of the 3rd Trellis Garfield Community Study is to understand and empower communities, measure our impact and target key areas of improvement.
Over 200 randomly selected residents were interviewed in English and Spanish and reports of being “very satisfied” with living in the neighborhood increased by 18% from 3 years ago. Spearheading the study, was Aislyn Richmond, ASU Graduate and Real Estate Associate at Trellis. To see what residents responded when asked what they felt is the most positive feature of their neighborhood. See the video here.

Key Insights from the study:

  • 40% of respondents listed “strong sense of community” as a positive feature of their community.
  • 60% reported “There is a need for affordable housing.”
  • Homeownership is currently at 31% in the neighborhood, but 83% of all respondents said they would want to purchase a home in Garfield, a 13% increase since 2013.