Gloria Gonzalez

Gloria Gonzalez - Client Services Representative at Trellis

Helping People in The Community

When people in Phoenix need financial coaching, they are fortunate that they can turn to someone like Gloria Gonzalez. Gloria is a Client Services Representative here at Trellis. Since 2009, she has assisted clients in getting started with homebuying process ( Gloria expertly guides people through their first steps before meeting with a homeownership advisor by getting them to answer basic questions. She also assists in completing client profile account when they are unable to and schedules document collection appointments for clients who are unable to upload their documents to their profile accounts on their own. Additionally, Gloria assists as a back up class coordinator and receptionist. On top of all that, Gloria is also the notary for Trellis.

Creating Special Connections

Although Gloria has been with Trellis for over 10 years, she still loves working here, because of what the organization does for her and Trellis clients. She really loves seeing clients who are dedicated to learn financial literacy and continue their journey to homeowership. Gloria has convinced many clients to continue with the process, and feels so proud when they finally become homeowners. One special connection that Gloria will never forget was a client named Marcos. Marcos started, then stopped in the middle of the process. However, Gloria kept in touch with him. Their conversations of him being homeless was heartbreaking, but she kept encouraged him to finish. Although it took him several years of on and off progress, he did it! Because of Gloria’s help, Marcos became a homeowner.

Keeping Busy During Quarantine

During this COVID-19 quarantine, Gloria has been speaking with clients, realtors, and lenders to assure them that Trellis is still here for them. She has been working remotely to assist them in every way possible. Once off the clock, Gloria spends more time cooking for her small family and, at times, supports some small businesses in take-out or delivery services. She has also been spending more time in her backyard with her fur babies.

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Thinking about buying a home of your own can be as confusing and stressful, as it is exciting. What if there was someone who would be your partner from start to finish, an expert with your best interests at heart, working to make sure you have everything you need to make smart home buying decisions?

Trellis is dedicated to making stable homes and communities possible by educating, building and lending. Invested in community-building for nearly 45 years, Trellis is a one-stop shop for home buyers. As one of the few non-profit mortgage banks in Arizona, our mission is to find under-served home buyers the best possible deal on the home that’s right for you. Trellis gives them the confidence that comes with knowing they have someone in their corner – from the time they come through the door to the day they get the keys to their perfect home.

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