How to remove egg from your home

October 27, 2015

If some Halloween hooligans took aim on your home, armed with eggs as ammunition, this is the guide for you!

Step 1: Act quick
You can’t predict when your home will get egged. BUT if you get home late and see you’ve been egged, don’t wait until morning! Give Mr. Clean a call and get to work! If the egg is still mostly wet, you may be able to remove the mess using only water and a scrubbing brush if necessary. Grab your hose. (Insider tip: be sure the water is cool. Hot water can cook the egg – good for breakfast…but not for cleaning.) Aim your hose above the egg, not directly on it, to prevent splattering the egg.

Step 2: Attack!
Once the watery part of the egg is gone, you’ll still want to attack the protein and fat that may be clinging to your wall. Use a household cleaner that is made for removing grass and other stains. Apply the cleaner to your home and let it sit for 5 minutes (or more if the instructions on the bottle recommend it). Rinse and repeat if necessary.

Just in case…
If the egg dried before you had a chance to clean it, you may need to work a little harder. Grab a cleaning solution with a higher pH, like Formula 409 All Purpose Cleaner. First, get some water on your eggy surface. Then apply the cleaner, and scrub the surface with a scrubbing brush. Repeat as necessary.


From all of us at Trellis, Happy Halloween (and happy cleaning)!