Jack Evans - Assistant Project Manager at Trellis
Jack Evans – Assistant Project Manager at Trellis

Jack Evans is the Assistant Project Manager at Trellis and has been with the organization since October of 2018. He is responsible for assisting with the development and management of various phases of real estate development (https://trellisaz.org/real-estate/), as well as customer service for existing housing. Jack also manages all of the facilities of the Trellis building.

Some of Jack’s favorite moments are when Trellis fills its newly constructed homes (https://trellisaz.org/trelliscolter/) with well deserving families. Jack enjoys the interaction with clients as he takes them through their final walk-through inspections. He has a real appreciation for the gratitude that comes from these new homeowners.

During this COVID-19 situation, Jack has been picking up new hobbies that include playing golf and struggling with some musical instruments.

An interesting thing about Jack is that he was born on Mother’s Day. This Sunday, Jack’s birthday will again be on Mother’s Day.

To contact Jack or any of the other helpful Trellis employees, visit: https://www.trellisaz.org/about-us/staff/

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