Joel McCabe – New VP & COO

A Man Who Wears Many Hats —

Joel McCabe has been with Trellis for approximately 3 years, and has already served as Director of Real Estate Development, Designated Broker for Trellis Realty and as of December 2016 — is now wearing his third hat as Chief Operating Officer. Having spent more than 25 years pursuing his passion in community development and affordable housing, it’s no surprise when explains what he wants people to know about Trellis: “I want people to know, they can do it. We’ve seen people overcome many obstacles. We have people here that can help realize your dream.”

Originally from the small town of Mabel, Minnesota (population 760), he grew up with a strong sense of community and connection with people. The value and benefit of a collaborative, diverse and thriving neighborhood has always remained at the forefront of his career. Joel has worked in California, Arizona, New Mexico and has spent extensive time in Alamos Sonora, where he explains he fell in love with Mexico and many of it’s community traditions. When he’s not serving as COO, or Real Estate Broker, or father to his son Mateo, and partner to Curtis, he makes time to serve as a Certified Yoga Instructor twice a week at 6 am. Trellis feels fortunate to have someone as experienced and passionate about building communities like Joel at the helm of Operations.

LR: Curtis, Mateo & Joel