King Family In Their First Home

  “We’ve stayed in a lot of places, but this is our FIRST home.” explains 16-year old Juan King, as he arrives from his after-school ROTC drills. Juan is the eldest of 5 grandchildren, recently adopted by their great grandmother, 70-year old Jimmy King. The children were facing foster care, if she hadn’t intervened. Ms. King was determined to find a solution. Upon the advice of her Mortgage Broker, David Nerland, she met with a Trellis advisor and took Hombuyer’s Education to qualify for financial assistance. She is passionate in her remarks: “This is not just a house, it’s a dream come true…has changed these kids’ lives, forever.”  The King Family received down payment assistance from the Maricopa County Neighborhood LIFT program. (Let’s Invest in Tomorrow) and the Phoenix IDA Home in 5 Advantage grant.

After living in a 2-bedroom mobile home where the children all slept in one bedroom on 2 sets of squeezed together bunk beds, they are overjoyed, as they settle in their 4 bedroom home in Peoria.  The youngest, 6-year old Gabriel, struggles to hold his squirming new puppy in his arms, as he proudly explains how he “gets to help with the front yard weeds” for ice cream money.  As the kids eagerly describe their priorities: Juan wants to put up a hammock in the backyard, Ernesto is visualizing his basketball hoop by the garage and Alexea is deciding on her room colors . . .they really are a family creating a true and thriving home.  Their great grandmother puts it all in heartfelt words, “This is a dream come true. I worked out a deal with God.  I’ve had a lot of losses in my life, and now I can be in peace, knowing these kids now have a home. That’s more than I could ever ask for.”