Landscaping secrets revealed

Getting started.

Train your garden & plants. 
A garden is only as good as its watering schedule. Encourage the growth of deep, strong roots by training your garden to withstand dry days. Water it deeply two to three times a week instead of watering it lightly every day.

Make mulch your amigo.
A layer of much helps give your plants the chance they need to grow – keeping weeds down and helping the ground retain its moisture in the heat. Because we all know this Arizona sun does not mess around!

Declare, “Off with their heads!”
Encourage further blooming of annuals and perennials by removing dead flower heads. If you have visible dead foliage from spring bulbs, remove it from your garden. But if the leaves are still green, hands off! They’re busy nourishing the bulb to bloom again next year.


Growing gardens.

Grow your garden to look its best by ensuring it’s mulched and weeded. In addition to encouraging more and longer bloom periods, removing dead flowers also prevents the plant from going to seed. Check plants for insect infestations. If you find some, remove those plants so others can continue to thrive.


Getting green grass and perfect plants.

Even in this desert, green grass is desirable. But, it’s not always realistic or water efficient. Mow your grass regularly to encourage healthy growth. But not too regularly – especially in the summer months. Keeping grass cut longer during this hot-as-an-oven season will help prevent roots from drying out.

And don’t forget to water…in the morning! Grass and plants should be watered early to allow the water to soak through the soil during the day, helping to nourish root systems.


Taking care of trees.

In the land of sand and cacti, shade trees are your friend. Make sure they don’t become your enemy by avoiding potential home damage, especially during monsoon season. Prune branches and plant new trees at a safe distance from your home and power lines. Inspect trees for signs of decay once a month – and keep an eye out for cracks or hollowed limbs

Also, when planting additional trees and shrubs in your yard, don’t forget to plan for the future!  How big will the plant be when it’s mature? Will its roots eventually intrude on pipes or paved sidewalks and driveways? When picking a location for your new leafy pal, proceed with caution.


Sharing your sixth landscaping sense.

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