Lavera Thompson, Homeownsership Advisor and Financial Counselor at Trellis

For over eight years, when people need help with financial literacy or understanding the steps of buying a home, they have turned to Lavera Thompson.

How She Helps

Since February of 2012, Lavera has been a Homeownership Advisor and a Financial Counselor here at Trellis. She helps her clients navigate the homebuying process. This includes providing guidance and information on the pros and cons of homeownership, completing an affordability analysis, helping to create a household budget, assisting clients in setting short and long term goals, and providing information on various down payment assistance programs. She also helps clients read and understand their credit reports, as well as provides the necessary credit counseling to help them overcome credit obstacles and create an attainable action plan. Furthermore, Lavera gives information on the pros and cons of various mortgage loan types so that her clients can make a well-informed decision when choosing a mortgage lender.

A Favorite Trellis Moment

Lavera has helped so many clients go through the homebuying process. However, there is one special case that stands out as a really special momeny. One particular client proved that do matter one’s age, it is never too late to become a homeowner. Her client was an elderly woman and her only source of income was Social Security Income of $700 a month. However, Lavera was able to get her down payment assistance from two sources which helped her monthly mortgage payment to be affordable on a fixed income. Lavera helped this 70-year old become a first-time homebuyer!

Keeping Busy During COVID

During the COVID-19 quarantine, Lavera has been staying home, keeping her children (ages 18,10 & 5) entertained, sewing, reorganizing her home, and making home-cooked meals for her family. Amid this pandemic there has been cause for celebration. Lavera’s middle daughter graduated High School!

Contact Lavera

To contact Lavera or any of the other knowledgeable and compassionate Trellis employees, visit:

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