The LIFT our clients and community need.

“Don’t buy a house you can’t afford”, advised Melissa Trujillo at the January 16, 2016 Maricopa County AZ Neighborhood LIFT event at the downtown Sheraton. After meeting with representatives from Wells Fargo and our organization, Melissa qualified for up to $7500 in down payment assistance. This time, she vows to do things right.

This isn’t Melissa’s first foray into homeownership. Earlier, she had purchased a home that was much too expensive, but she was misled believing unreliable promises. She had trusted her agent and her lender, but as she recalls “hadn’t read the fine print”. For the last five years she’s been paying rent and has seen her payments adding equity to her landlord. This time she’s done her homework.

She’s now looking to buy an affordable home within her budget and thanks to Wells Fargo’s LIFT assistance, she’ll soon be able to move forward on her aspirations. “I plan to pay it off in 15 years and retire at 55.” This time, Melissa intends to heed her own advice and will start with a 1:1 session with a Trellis Homeownership Advisor.

You too may be able to qualify for NeighborhoodLIFT assistance — up to $7,500. Find out now.