Trellis’s newest case worker has already given hope to hundreds.

In just a short time, Jazmin Vazquez, has already made a positive impression with Trellis clients. Jazmin started with Trellis in November of 2020 and has been extremely busy helping people whose lives and finances have been affected by COVID-19 apply for the Phoenix CARES Act grant. She guides people in starting their application, as well as getting their documents in order and complete for further processing. She enters their information in the required systems and, when everything checks out, finally approves them for their much-needed financial assistance. Jazmin says, “it is honestly my favorite part when I see that it’s real people out there who I am helping.” She acknowledges that it’s a real impact on their lives when they are approved.

Jazmin’s Favorite Trellis Moment

Jazmin states that one of her favorite Trellis moments was when a woman, who received a Phoenix CARES Act grant approval from her, was so thankful that she told Jazmin her whole life’s story, including how she ended up in such a hard situation. The woman said to Jazmin that the help that Trellis had given her was a light at the end of a tunnel.

Another highlight for Jazmin was the Trellis staff online Christmas event. Even though she is still adapting to working from a home office, Jazmin still had a lot of fun with her team and, despite the physical distance, feels really close and connected with each member. According to Jazmin, “They have been so help full and patient teaching me how to do my job at 110%.”

Staying Sane during Quarantine

Working from home, there are moments Jazmin feels tired and mentally exhausted. She recharges by talking 30-minute breaks in her backyard to decompress from all the technology use, breath fresh air, and just relax. The quarantine has also provided Jazmin more time for bike riding.

More Interesting Things About Jazmin

Currently, Jazmin is a student at the Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua in Mexico. She is studying Chemical Bacteriology and Parasitology. Jazmin loves to cook and is a self-proclaimed “total extrovert.”

Contact Jazmin

To reach Jazmin or any of the other knowledgeable and caring people at Trellis, simply complete and submit the below form: