Meet Maryisela Ocampo – Trellis Case Worker

Maryisela Ocampo is the newest Case Worker at Trellis. As a case worker, Maryisela reviews applications for Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA). The ERA is a program to help Trellis pay their rent and utilities. Maryisela assures all documentation needed are received or requested from clients, so an approval of an application can be determined. 

What Maryisela likes about Trellis 

Maryisela says that the working environment at Trellis is wonderful! She talks about how the great people at Trellis made her feel very welcomed. 

Interesting facts 

Maryisela met her fiancée at her previous job. They’ve been together for 10 years and still going strong! Family time is very important to Maryisela. She also enjoys hiking, cooking, and driving. Another thing Maryisela likes is a nice glass of wine. 

Contact Maryisela 

To get in touch with Maryisela or any of the other knowledgeable and caring Trellis staff members, simply complete the below form: 

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