Meet Patricia Garcia Duarte – President & CEO of Trellis

Nonprofit doesn’t mean not professional. The leader who keeps Trellis running like a top-performing company is Patricia Garcia Duarte.

The Public Face of Trellis

Patricia, who is the President and CEO of Trellis, joined the organization back in March of 2006. She is responsible for the management, operation and financial health of the organization. She is also the spokesperson for Trellis and advocates for housing matters impacting our community. In partnership with the board of directors Patricia helps set the strategic plan and ensure we meet our mission.

Favorite Trellis Moments

Patricia has had many favorite Trellis moments during her 14-year tenure. One of her proudest moments was when she represented the organization on the Community Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve Board during the great recession to advocate for struggling homeowners using first-hand experience from our Trellis team. That experience provided Patricia the opportunity to be an inaugural Advisory Member to the newly established Consumer Financial Protection Bureau representing Trellis and Arizona. However, she has to admit that her favorite moments are when she hears from people who purchased their first homes with help from Trellis.

Keeping Busy During Quarantine

During this current pandemic, Patricia has been keeping herself busy with books. Ever since she discovered the CloudLibrary, Patricia has become an avid reader. Her time is consumed by reading about social justice and many untold histories on race and equity. Patricia has a long list of books to recommend, if anyone is interested. This crazy time has also been good for home remodeling projects. Patricia’s husband urged her to go through 30+ boxes of stored items. She does have to admit, that even though she didn’t enjoy doing it, having less storage boxes and more clear space in her home has been rewarding, inspiring and refreshing – all great feelings!

Pandemic Pets

Furthermore, the pandemic encouraged Patricia and her family to bring two new pets into their home. Lady is a two-year old rescue Terrier mix and very timid. Kirby is a puppy, pit-rottweiler mix, who belongs to her oldest son. The new furry buddies have kept her family (husband Jesse and young-adult children Alonzo, Mireya and Ricardo) busy and happy. Last, but not least, it has been entertaining for Patricia to watch her parents embrace video chatting. On a serious note, however, the pandemic forced Patricia and her husband to finally get their Will and Last Testament done. She highly recommends that people to do this, if not already done.

Contact Trellis

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