Michael Kelly

The Man on the Miracle Mile

Michael Kelly is the Commercial Corridor Coordinator here at Trellis. He is a part of a team of stakeholders, City of Phoenix, Phoenix Community Alliance, LISC, Banner University Medical Center, Wells Fargo, Coronado and Garfield neighborhoods, many other nonprofit and for profit partners and of course the business and property owners dedicated to revitalizing the historic, mixed-use commercial corridor along McDowell Road from 7th Street to the Interstate 51.

What is the Miracle Mile

This was the City of Phoenix’s first shopping district outside of downtown was right here and was called the “Miracle Mile.” It was the place to shop, eat and relax. The area is experiencing a revival of new businesses, mostly small and micro businesses whose business owners come from around the world.

Michael’s Mission

As the coordinator, Michael’s job is to provide support and resources to the business owners to help them scale their business, or during times of crisis like we are experiencing today in 2020, and connect them with resources they need to survive. He also supports community outreach and helps coordinate events and activities to connect people with the locally-owned businesses on the Miracle Mile. Michael does a wonderful job with the Miracle Mile’s Instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/mmmphx/).

Michael has been with Trellis for nearly two years. In that time, he has asked (and continues to ask) random people (employees at stores, people standing in line or someone just walking by) if they have heard of not only the Miracle Mile, but also if they know about Trellis. Michael is amazed by the work that our counselors and staff do to help people and families find stable homeownership (https://trellisaz.org/education/) and tries to send them as many connections as he can.

Every day is an amazing day, even when times are tough, because Michael knows he is helping someone. This job is part of the reason he adopted the City of Phoenix and pours his passion into the local communities (Michael is originally from Germany and has lived in the states… let’s say for a while now). This job combined with his experience of living close to downtown and in the Coronado neighborhood made him a Phoenician.

Keeping Busy During COVID-19

Michael is a self-proclaimed extroverted introvert. That is he really likes people, but at the end of the day he needs to recharge his batteries, as opposed to extroverts who get energy from interacting with folks. Working from home during this COVID-19 crisis has allowed him to focus better and not feel tired at the end of the day. Michael and his wife Alexandra redid their backyard into an oasis so they and their two Boxer dogs can just relax in or by the pool.

Fun Facts About Michael

Michael, a former sailor with the US Navy, has circumnavigated the globe, sailed through a typhoon on a 500 foot destroyer, and been to all four corners of Australia. He also loves to cook and travel.

Contacting Michael and the Trellis Team

To contact Michael or any of the other knowledgeable and compassionate Trellis employees, visit: https://trellisaz.org/about-us/staff/

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