The Buzz on The Miracle Mile Might Be From Clippers

For 52 years, a small building on McDowell Road’s “Miracle Mile” has been supplying salons and barber shops with top-quality trimmers, clippers, and other styling needs. 3 years ago, a new family took over the famous Lionetti’s Hair Clipper Services and they are carrying on the tradition of excellence that was established decades before.

McDowell Road's Miracle Mile - Lionetti's Hair Clipper Service - Unity Mural
Lionetti’s Hair Clipper Service on McDowell Road’s “Miracle Mile” is a local business owned by Jerome and Vannissa Young. This exterior photograph displays the award-winning “Unity” mural.

New Owners on the Miracle Mile

The Youngs – Jerome and Vannissa – now own Lionetti’s Hair Clipper Service. They are both proven business people. Jerome was a top insurance salesman for over 30 years and his wife Vannissa was a successful civil engineer. They left their careers to build something together and work by their own rules. They pooled their business talents with the help of other family members who each bring a necessary business need, such as accounting or customer service. Vannissa said that, because of the great business infrastructure they have, the Youngs could run any company properly. The family meshes very well and are all driven to keep Lionetti’s a beacon of success on the “Miracle Mile.”

McDowell Miracle Mile Monday - Lionetti's Hair Clipper Service
Vannissa Young, Part-Owner of Lionetti’s Hair Clipper Service, and Michael Kelly, Commercial Corridor Coordinator for Trellis.

Lionetti’s Today

Today, Lionetti’s is a thriving business, supplying services like clipper repairs and shear and blade sharpening, as well as offering tools and products that stylists need. With the growing number of stylist and barber shops, as Vannissa says, due to Arizona State Programs that train former military personnel and group home people for trades, such as barbers, they need for Lionetti’s services will only continue to grow. Additionally, there will be a barber school right down the street from their store that will need supplies and a steady flow of clipper maintenance.

About Lionetti’s Hair Clipper Service

Founded in 1968, Lionetti’s carries hard-to-find barber supplies & specialize in professional sharpening & repair service of shears & clippers. They have remained a family business dedicated to the highest level of service to our customers. They carry a complete line of Oster, Andis, and Wahl clippers and accessories as well as an extensive line of barber products such as Clubman, Lucky Tiger, Marvy, C-Mon, and much more. The Lionetti’s inventory is constantly changing as they find new and exciting products to meet the needs of professional barbers, as well as for home use. Lionetti’s will periodically be posting barber product specials on their Facebook page. Call or email for price information.

Lionetti’s Hair Clipper Service
1633 E McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85006

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