Mucho Mas Art Studio

Interview with Kathy Cano-Murillo- Co-Owner, along with her husband, Patrick Murillo and Emily Castelo, of Mucho Mas

Q:           Was this a dream of yours?

A:            As an artist, I always dreamt about having a shop, but for the longest time fear got in our way.  We thought it would be too difficult to build a business from our art. Once we found out the space was available, however, we took a leap and made it work. We realized it was more of an opportunity than a risk. Now, it has exceeded our expectations.

Q:           Are you the first business owner in your family?

A:            My family all had 9-5 jobs, but they also had jobs outside. I would say I’m the first one in my family, however, to be a full-time entrepreneur.

Q:           Do you have a business motto?

A:            Do not be afraid to fail and do not be afraid to learn. Sometimes, you must find out what doesn’t work before you find out what does work. Be patient, be focused, and have a plan. I spent a lot of time without a plan and was proud to wing-it, but I learned that having a plan is much easier and more profitable.

Q:           Do you make the items you sell?

A:            Between Patrick, Emily and I, we make 90% of the items we sell. The items that we don’t make are curated by us.  When traveling if we see something cool that fits with our aesthetic, we will bring it in. Sometimes we purchase items and hack them to put on our own twist.

Q:           What is your favorite thing in the store?

A:            I really love making the mugs. I feel that when people buy a special mug, they are assigning importance to savoring that drink— that coffee. To me, the mugs are indicative of self-care. I imagine when people drink out of these mugs, they are doing something that makes them happy. It feels good to know that what I make is appreciated.

Handcrafted mug by Kathy the Crafty Chica

Q:           Do you have any business habits?

A:            At the end of every day, I make a to-do list of what I want to accomplish the next day. Then, I make a list of at least three things that went right that day, things I’m grateful for or things that made me smile.  When I reflect on how the day went it makes me feel that I’m in control. I feel like closing out with the victories of the day puts me in the right mindset to be excited for the next day.

Q:           What is something people might not know about Mucho Mas?

A:            You can come in to Mucho Mas, buy local art, and meet the artist, as well. We also celebrate community by having different pop-ups and events. We want people to be excited about being creative. There really is something for everybody here.