Neighborhood Fairy Godmother

  What do you call someone in your neighborhood who always gets the job done, solves problems and goes the extra mile? Well, at Montana Bella Subdivision in Phoenix, she’s called Selena Keesecker, Neighborhood Fairy Godmother. Ms. Keesecker was honored this month with a beautiful one of a kind hand painted porch bench, as part of the “Good Neighbor Initiative” launched by Trellis to celebrate NeighborWorks Week.  The bench with a monarch butterfly motif was created by local artist, Cindy G. Castillo, who now works as Editor-in-Chief at  Ms. Castillo explained that the monarch represents persistence, so it seems very appropriate for the Keesecker’s who have been involved in community improvement for decades, lived in Mexico doing service for years, and are now continuing their good works here in Arizona. As we drove up to meet Joe and Selena Keesecker , we were all amazed when we saw that Mrs. Keesecker was wearing a blouse with a huge butterfly design! The Neighbor Bench award is a surprise gift, but it seems we were more surprised!

Ms. Keesecker has been described as a “Mover & Shaker” who always knows the status of any construction or activity in the neighborhood. She is also the leader of the Neighborhood Block Watch and is constantly looking out for everyone, keeping homeowners engaged and informed. Good neighbors are not always easy to find, and they are connected to perhaps one of your most precious possessions — Your Home.

If you’d like to nominate a “Good Neighbor” to receive one of these unique bench creations. Click on this link for details. Good Neighbor Nomination