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Homeowner’s Toolbox

How to clean and maintain your bathroom vent fan

Joel McCabe/ POSTED ON July 22nd, 2016

The heat just won’t stop! As we move into one of the worst month’s to live in Arizona, we thought we’d offer an indoor home maintenance tip. Grab a brush or vacuum, and enjoy that A/C. Here’s how to clean and maintain a Bathroom vent from Danny Lipford of Today’s Homeowner.   How to clean …

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How to affordably finance remodeling projects

Joel McCabe/ POSTED ON April 28th, 2016

May is just around the corner! And with it comes National Home Improvement month. Homeowners across the country are planning to tackle remodeling projects. However, too often the last thing that homeowners focus on is how to affordably pay for work that goes beyond a can of paint or a few swings of a hammer. Since …

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Make your A/C unit last

Joel McCabe/ POSTED ON March 29th, 2016

Here comes the heat! Follow these four easy to-dos to help extend the life of your A/C unit.   1. Replace filters. Don’t make you’re A/C work harder than it has to. When you’re running your air more often than not, try to change your air filter every 60 days.     2. Keep your …

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How to: Keep your refrigerator running.

Joel McCabe/ POSTED ON February 25th, 2016

Spring is right around the corner! And with it comes Spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is a great time to dust off your refrigerator coils. This once-a-year maintenance item will help ensure maximum performance and extend your fridge’s life. Follow these three steps to clean coils: Unplug your fridge. (Don’t worry about food spoiling – cleaning your …

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Yearly Home Maintenance Checklist

Joel McCabe/ POSTED ON January 29th, 2016

The new year is here! And with it comes some important home maintenance. Use this list to make sure your home is in tip-top shape for 2016!      

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