Our South Phoenix Good Neighbor: Christa Williams

What do you do when your neighbor is laid low with illness? You help in a way that only a neighbor can. At least that’s what Christa (Chris) Williams does. Chris stops by her neighbor, George’s, home every day to bring in his mail and take out the garbage.

While these may seem like smaller tasks, Chris is described as a “friend,” “a blessing,” and “the ultimate neighbor.” And we must agree, because she is someone who takes time out of her day, every day, to lend a hand.

And she doesn’t stop with just one neighbor. Chris is also an active member in her neighborhood’s Block Watch, Homeowner’s Association, and the Target Area B Redevelopment Plan. Communities need more neighbors like Chris, and that is why we were happy to award a Trellis Good Neighbor bench to her!

The delivery

We met our former board member George Young outside of Chris’ house. Before we could get to the door, she met us in the driveway. And our President and CEO proceeded to tell her all about her award.


From there, we found a nice spot on the patio for Chris’ new bench. We even got to meet her grandson, who stays with her to help around the house, and around the community. The good neighbor quality must have been inherited!


The bench artist Eunique Yazzie was also there for the surprise! This served as an extra-special bonus, because she got to explain all of the symbolism that made up her bench — a bench she made to represent the blending of the Native American culture with other cultures.

20160407_113956      20160407_113745

Thank you Chris for all that you do! Your neighborhood is better because of you!