Talk to Trellis: Open the Door to Home Ownership

Trellis hosted an interactive Q/A event last week at McDowell Road’s Smooth Brew Cafe for an eager group of interested home buyers. Trellis is one of four agencies in the United States invited by HomeMatters America and funded by US Bank in this “Open the Door to Home Ownership” campaign, to reach out to prospective homeowners. With the objective of a relaxed and open conversation, Trellis invited 3 recent clients to join the Trellis team in answering any questions about the home buying process. The social hour was well attended and within 24 hours Trellis Lending had emails requesting appointments, and Trellis Home Ownership Center saw people for private sessions with 2 days. Apart from home buyers, realtors were also in attendance. A local real estate company has invited Trellis to be keynote speakers for their prospects in August.

Smooth Brew’s intimate and informal setting allowed for numerous questions, profound client testimonials and a comfortable connection between Trellis team members, recent Trellis clients and prospective home owners. The questions ranged from topics on home loans, classes, credit scores and assistance programs for first time home buyers. Trellis plans to continue these conversational “Talk to Trellis” social event in a variety of locations in the future.

Trellis would like to thank HomeMatters America, US Bank, and our rock star clients, who served on the Q/A panel: Starr Martinez, Bree Cota, and Sha Wanda Brewer.

Patricia Garcia Duarte, CEO opens Q/A
Trellis staff welcoming guests.
Conversation between new and old clients.
Starr Martinez,Trellis Client
LR:Pete Nunez, Sandra Saenz, Patricia Garcia Duarte, Dave Brown, Brenda Lopez, Mary Ramirez
LR: Sha Wanda Brewer, Trellis client and Brenda Lopez, Trellis Director of Home Ownership Center
Bree Cota, Trellis Client
Eric and Bree Cota, new home owners and Trellis clients
Interested home buyers.
Panel of Trellis and clients.