The Advantages of Trellis’s Home Buyer Class

“I learned so much” – Jessica 

The Good Reputation of Trellis 

Jessica had already known about Trellis because the organization helped people close to her. A couple of years earlier, Jessica’s aunt worked with the counselors at Trellis. Together, they worked on a plan to help Jessica’s aunt avoid foreclosure. Then, recently, one of Jessica’s friends told Jessica about how much she had learned in Trellis’s home buyer class. Then it became Jessica’s turn. 

Turning to Trellis for Help 

When Jessica decided it was the right time to buy a house, she had no idea what was involved. Credit scores, loan programs, rates, down payments, and more – It was so overwhelming! Remembering the experiences of her and her friend, Jessica reached out to Trellis for guidance.  

Home Buyer Assistance 

At Trellis, Jessica’s personal counselor was Teresa Torres. On top of creating an action plan for Jessica, Teresa had her attend Trellis’s financial literacy class and home buyer education class. In the financial literacy class, Jessica learned about budgeting, saving, and how to improve her credit score. “I learned so much,” Jessica stated. “I changed my whole shopping and eating habits in order to save money and live healthier.” 

In the home buyer education class, Jessica was shown all the steps necessary to find, qualify for, and purchase the right house. She was instructed on how to prepare for applying for a loan – all the documents involved, what to have in savings, and the importance of her credit score. “I was lost before taking the Trellis classes,” explained Jessica. “Now I know how to lower my term by paying a little extra principle each month and how to control my credit.” Jessica also acknowledges Trellis in helping her manage her spending habits which both allows her to improve her credit score and to afford to reduce her term with the extra payments she mentioned.  

Now Jessica is an advocate for Trellis, telling her friends about all that she learned and how her counselor and the classes helped her. “I would not have been able to handle the purchase process without the guidance of Trellis.” 

Do You Need Home Buying Help? 

From getting your paperwork in order to learning about down payment assistance, Trellis can prepare you for every step of the home buying experience. To work with one of our knowledgeable and compassionate counselors, simply complete and submit the below form: 

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