Trellis Helps Family Find a Home Through Section 32 and WISH Down Payment Assistance

Jennifer and her partner were ready to purchase their first home. The couple and their two children lived in an apartment far from their extended family and wanted to buy a home in South Phoenix to be closer to them. They earned enough to afford a mortgage, but did not have a lot of cash reserves. Jennifer works for the City of Phoenix, so she knew that there was housing help available through the city.  


Affordable Housing 

Through The City of Phoenix Housing Department, Jennifer found out about many programs to promote and increase homeownership opportunities for Phoenix families.  One such program, Section 32 Homeownership, is designed to assist eligible first-time homebuyers with the purchase of an affordable home.  

Section 32 Homeownership is offered to low- and moderate-income first-time homebuyers who will use the home as their primary residence.  This was perfect for Jennifer and her family! 


Homebuyer Education  

The program referred Jennifer and her partner to Trellis. In order to qualify for the benefits of the program, they had to take a financial education class and a homebuyer education class, both administered by the knowledgeable and caring counselors at Trellis. Jennifer said that not only did she learn a lot about creating a budget, increasing her credit score, and saving for closing costs and reserves, but she said that the instructors were so nice. 

After completing her courses, the loan officers of Trellis’ lending department worked hard to find down payment assistance for the couple 


Down Payment Assistance 

Trellis, through the Workforce Initiative Subsidy for Homeownership (W.I.S.H.) program, was able to offer Jennifer down payment assistance to be used towards the purchase of a home. The W.I.S.H. program is intended for lower income (80% AMI and below) first-time home buyers, like Jennifer and her partner, who can afford monthly mortgage payments but do not have quite enough saved to pay the initial home purchase down payment and non-reoccurring closing costs. Jennifer was able to reduce her mortgage and closing costs because of the W.I.S.H. down payment assistance that Trellis was able to obtain for her. 


Happy in Their New Home 

Jennifer, who has now been in her home for six months, said how pleased she was with the Trellis staff, stating how the loan process and closing was so quick, how the mortgage team stayed in constant contact with her, and how kind and friendly everyone was. Thanks to the specific loan program and down payment assistance that Trellis was able to provide Jennifer and her partner now pay 33% less per month to live in a house they own than they did in rent. They are a happy family in their new, affordable home.


Get the Homebuying Help You Need 

If you need help finding affordable housing, Trellis can help. Through financial education, construction, and an array of mortgage loan options, Trellis can assist in both finding and funding affordable housing. To contact our knowledgeable and caring counselors, simply complete the below form: 

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