Jesse is a single dad and father to two young children. Jesse, his kids and his weimaraner all lived with his parents, grandmother, and assorted cousins. They were far from the kids’ school and the cramped, noisy conditions made life stressful and difficult. He knew he needed a place of his own, but also needed a lot of help on his path to homeownership.

Knowledge is Power

Jesse turned to Trellis – a non-profit organization that educates potential homebuyers, finds payment assistance programs, and locates housing suitable for their clients’ incomes. Through Trellis, Jesse took an 8-hour, online financial literacy class. He said, “This class helped me organize my paperwork, create a budget, and start saving money.” In another class, Jesse learned, “The ins and outs of the homebuying process and who’s who (such as real estate agents, lenders, inspectors, etc.).” 

New Homeowner Jesse Newell and his Homeowner Adviser, Teresa Torres, from Trellis
New Homeowner Jesse Newell and his Homeowner Adviser, Teresa Torres, from Trellis

A Coach in His Corner

Another thing that Jesse got was a Home Adviser. Teresa Torres is a Financial Capability & Program Coordinator in the Trellis Counselling and Education department. She helped Jesse navigate a course to home-ownership. With Teresa’s guidance and support, Jesse was able to clean up his credit report and raise his credit score. Jesse happily recalls, “Teresa was wonderful! She guided me every step of the way.” He continued, “It is because of her that I was able to afford this house.” Teresa was instrumental in getting Jesse approved for programs like WISH, LIFT, and other city-funded assistance programs. “Teresa was able to find me down payment assistance.”

New home built by Trellis in Phoenix's historic Garfield District
Jesse’s new home, built by Trellis in Phoenix’s historic Garfield District

Home, Sweet Home

Today, a very excited Jesse Newell moved into his new home – a home that was actually built by Trellis Real Estate Development. He had a great support system to help him realize his dream of home ownership.

About Trellis

Thinking about buying a home of your own can be as confusing and stressful, as it is exciting. What if there was someone who would be your partner from start to finish, an expert with your best interests at heart, working to make sure you have everything you need to make smart home buying decisions?

Trellis is dedicated to making stable homes and communities possible by educating, building and lending. Invested in community-building for nearly 45 years, Trellis is a one-stop shop for home buyers. As one of the few non-profit mortgage banks in Arizona, our mission is to find under-served home buyers the best possible deal on the home that’s right for you. Trellis gives them the confidence that comes with knowing they have someone in their corner – from the time they come through the door to the day they get the keys to their perfect home.

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