We provide home ownership counseling, financial access and neighborhood development.


Become a Trellis Ambassador!

What is the volunteer Ambassador Program?
The Ambassador program supports and maintains the connection that Trellis has with our communities.

Who can become an Ambassador?
Many ambassadors have experience in the housing industry but this is not a requirement — anyone can volunteer. What is required is a passion for helping families become first time homeowners or save their homes!

What is the role of the Ambassador?
Ambassadors staff resource tables, alongside Trellis employees, at community outreach events such as housing workshops, vendor fairs, and neighborhood festivals. Events generally take place on the weekend, but may occur during the week.

Ambassadors also act as AMBASSADORS of Trellis. They tell people who can benefit from our services how to access them AND identify groups or events where we can reach out and spread the word about our programs and services.

What is the Commitment?
We ask that Ambassadors commit to attending at least three events per year.

How do I become an Ambassador?
If you are interested in becoming a Trellis Ambassador please contact Carole Kauffman at ckauffman@trellisaz.org or by phone at 602.258.1659. Trellis will provide appropriate orientation to the role as a volunteer Ambassador and you will receive ongoing learning opportunities as they present themselves.


Volunteer Opportunities

Apply to join a Board Committee by sending your resume to ckauffman@trellisaz.org for the following:

Finance Committee – Responsible for reviewing and providing guidance for the organization’s financial matters. Specifically, the committee assures internal controls, independent audit, and financial analysis for the organization.

Loan Committee – Responsible for reviewing and approving all requests for NHSP loans or grants and for oversight of the NHSP loan portfolio.

Real Estate Committee – Responsible for reviewing matters that concern the Real Estate Department.

Resource Development Committee – Responsible for helping plan marketing & fundraising events