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An Introduction to Trellis

Trellis is a nonprofit organization that strongly believes access to affordable housing benefits all of us. Individuals and families become stable and more economically secure; neighborhoods become vital, active communities; and cities gain jobs and tax revenues.

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  • Learning

    Our Homeownership Center provides the foundation and support you need for sustainable homeownership. Count on us for 1:1 advising, financial coaching, and in-person & online courses.

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  • Lending

    Whether purchasing your first home, exploring options to refinance, or seeking assistance to help make your mortgage payment, our Lending Team will help you decide what product or program is right for you.

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  • Building

    We all know a home is more than four walls and a roof. Our team can introduce you to affordable homes that are perfect for you – from older homes that have been renovated to those that are newly built.


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We're your resource for learning, lending and building. Since we established our roots in 1975, Trellis has made stable homes possible. We provide home ownership advising, financing options and affordable homes.


Pre-purchase counseling success

99.5% of home owners that went through the pre-purchase counseling have not fallen behind on their mortgage payments and none had a major derogatory event on a mortgage account.1


Foreclosure prevention counseling

With a counselor’s help, 69% of study participants obtained a mortgage remedy and 56% were able to become current on their mortgages. 2

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