How we build

Energy efficiency and advanced building techniques are hallmarks of Trellis homes.

We take pride in building a well-built home.

We always incorporate the latest building science methods for tomorrow’s buyers by adopting new technologies, materials and advanced building practices, from WIFI-enabled homes that work across platforms to advanced framing techniques. For instance, our smart water homes have devices that detect leaks and will shut off water in the event of a water emergency.

Energy efficiency and home comfort is always top high priority with every home we build.

The current standard in the industry is a 65 HERS score (HERS, or Home Energy Rating System, is a measuring test that rates the overall efficiency of a home). We strive to beat the standard by 20%. This equates to lower monthly energy costs to the homeowner and more comfortable homes to live in. Currently, we are exploring ways to make every future home we build to be Net Zero ready.

In short, we build our homes to exceed today's standards while holding up to what tomorrow will bring so that our clients enjoy the homes we build for years to come.