Trellis prides itself on being a leader in the development of affordable housing

We address issues of economic disparities, environmental sustainability, and the health of our communities.

Energy efficiency, smart technology and future-proofing are at the core of what we do.

All Trellis homes offer a range of features that include the following, depending on community and style of home:

Net Zero Ready


FLO water protection

Full suite of appliances

Low-E Windows

Advanced building techniques

We take pride in what we build and our 47 years of experience speak for itself.

Trellis recognizes the correlation between housing and family stability, healthy neighborhoods, and community revitalization. Our developments and projects have ranged from neighborhood revitalization efforts and minor repair programs to city-wide acquisitions and rehabilitation.

We also help with lease-purchase, down payment assistance, Employer Assisted Housing, the acquisition and rehab of government-owned properties and affordable rental apartments.

Single family homes

Trellis has the experience to build and deliver single family homes within infill neighborhoods and subdivisions. We strive to bring the latest in building technology and design while keeping the home affordable. Notable design features include mindful layouts, open floor plans that help your home grow with your family.


Our townhome design follow the same standards as our single family homes. However we recognize a townhome will live different than a single family detached home. To offset that close living environment we adopt features to reduce noise such as sound control between units, attached garages, floor design that maximize the smaller footprint. Our townhomes provide indoor and outdoor enjoyment of your home.

Rental communities

We recognize that everyone is not ready for homeownership. With this fact in mind, Trellis offers rental communities that provide the tenant the ability to live in a product that is built more like a home and less like a traditional apartment. This is achieved by building our multifamily along the same lines as our townhomes.

Trellis is all over the valley!

Take a look through our locations and current communities below. 

More goes into a home than the wood, nails and glass.

To learn more about the many advantages that go into a Trellis built home, click on the link below.

We create affordable housing options to
help bring people home


built or rehabilitated


currently under construction





What’s happening at Trellis?

Trellis Board members and CEO cut the ribbon

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Glenn Karlson

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