Glenn Karlson

How does Trellis find property and build homes? It all starts with Glenn Karlson, Director of the Real Estate Development (RED) team at Trellis. Since coming to the organization in July of 2017, Glenn has been responsible for all the homes that Trellis built.

Working Hard Brings Great Rewards

Although Glenn’s job is a lot of work, he says that there is nothing like the feeling he receives when he delivers a home to a family. The joy and appreciation on their faces makes all the hard work worth it.

Not Loafing Around During Quarantine

During the COVID-19 quarantine, Glenn kept busy by making bread. This is not a euphemism for having a side hustle. He really baked delicious, homemade bread.

Something Cool in the Hot Desert

When not overseeing the construction and remodeling of houses and townhomes, Glenn coaches ice hockey in the desert. It has been his passion for 20 years and he has had many great experiences along the way.

Connect with Glenn and the Trellis Team

To contact Glenn, Lic # SA671664000, or any of the other knowledgeable and compassionate staff members at Trellis, visit

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