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This unique financial capability program will help you take control over your finances, gain the capacity to absorb financial shock, help you develop a system to track to meet financial goals, and help you gain the freedom to make enjoyable choices.

Identify your financial goals

Create your action plan

Track your progress

Establish/rebuild your credit

Financial Literacy Classes

This unique financial coaching program is a live, instructor-led course focused on improving your financial behaviors and attitudes. Our HUD-certified instructors will address credit repair issues, counseling on your budget, debt repayment and buying a home.

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Financial Coaching

We make it easy for you to achieve your financial goals and independence. After completing the financial literacy course, you will participate in confidential one-on-one sessions with your specially-trained financial coach , who will help you:

  • Identify your financial goals
  • Create your action plan
  • Track your progress
  • Establish/rebuild your credit
  • Make good financial decisions
  • Get on the right path to becoming a homeowner

One-on-one Financial Coaching

Once the Financial Literacy Classes have been completed, our NCHEC-certified Financial Coaches will meet one-on-one with clients to empower them to reach their financial goals and learn how to handle their finances responsibly. Our Financial Coaches typically work with clients who want to save money, create a budget, pay off debt, improve their credit scores, become a homeowner, or just improve their financial behaviors.

Key Elements of Coaching:

    • Content based on the client’s unique needs and goals
    • A focus on long-term outcomes
    • An ongoing, systematic, collaborative process for assisting clients to change financial behaviors
    • Practice new behaviors with guidance

Financial Coaching Goals:

    • Achieve client-defined goals
    • Address immediate issues
    • Support specific actions to meet goals
    • Improve financial situations
    • Change financial behaviors
    • Facilitate decision-making
    • Provide tools, resources, and referrals

Typical Coaching Activities:

    • Alliance with client’s goals
    • Set goals
    • Develop action plan
    • Identify resources, tools, and services
    • Monitor client progress
    • Make referrals as needed

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