An informed consumer is a wise purchaser.


The Trellis Way.

Thinking about buying a home of your own can be as confusing and stressful as it is exciting. What if there was someone who would be your partner from start to finish – an expert with your best interests at heart – working to make sure you have everything you need to make smart home buying decisions?

Trellis, a NeighborWorks organization, is all that and more. As a nonprofit, one-stop shop for homebuyers, our mission is to find you the best possible options for the home that’s right for you.  Trellis gives you the confidence that comes with knowing you have someone in your corner until the day you get the keys to your own home. And we’ll be there with you for years to come, building great communities, one dream home at a time.

Please call  602-258-1659 to learn about all our resources.