Make your A/C unit last

Here comes the heat! Follow these four easy to-dos to help extend the life of your A/C unit.


1. Replace filters.

Don’t make you’re A/C work harder than it has to. When you’re running your air more often than not, try to change your air filter every 60 days.



2. Keep your unit cool.

Keep you’re A/C out of direct sunlight by planting trees or small shrubs around it. But beware! Planting too close to your unit can cause debris buildup.



3. Clean that condenser.

Regularly inspect your condenser (especially after a storm!) to make sure it’s clean of debris and free of foreign objects.



4. Remember, programmable thermostats are your friends!

A programmable thermostat lets you keep your house warmer when you aren’t home and cooler when you are. (It can even help cut down your electricity bill!)