Another Client Success Story!

Meet Silvi and Shane, another Trellis client success story! The pair was referred to Trellis through the City of Phoenix Section-32 housing program as one of several organizations that provide a Homebuyer Education Class for first time homebuyers, which Trellis offers along with potential down payment assistance and a variety of other services. Trellis financial counselor, Teresa Torres, met with Silvi and Shane to assess their needs and start the ball rolling toward home ownership.

Professional guidance

The process wasn’t always easy, but Silvi and Shane soon found Teresa to be helpful, informative, and reliable. Along with financial assistance with down payment and closing costs through Section-32 and the WISH program, both of which are dedicated to helping low to moderate income buyers, Teresa was able to capitalize on her expertise in handling various down payment programs to help the couple navigate the process. They were able to get approved for a mortgage financed directly through Trellis, with loan officer Daniel Gonzalez at the helm.

Both Silvi and Teresa agree that gathering documents and submitting paperwork is usually the most difficult part of the homebuying process, especially when applying or receiving down-payment assistance from different programs. “These programs could be similar, but each has their own requirements and documentation,” Teresa advises.

Planting roots

Silvi’s favorite part about buying a home was getting the keys to the house. “We feel proud to be homeowners! We used to live in a rental house, so now we can plant our roots,” she says. “We feel settled in Phoenix, whereas while we were still looking for a house, it took a lot of our free time. We feel like now that we have a house, we have the space to create memories with our children and friends.” Future plans for Silvi and Shane include the possibility of adding onto the house, backyard projects, and even adding a pool someday.

Begin your journey

Silvi’s advice to potential homeowners? “They need to be financially ready before they decide to buy a house and understand the process,” she says. ”Take the Homebuyer Education Class – it contains a lot of valuable information and can help to determine if you are ready to buy a house or not.” Teresa Torres, Silvi and Shane’s financial counselor here at Trellis, adds, “There are so many steps and requirements that you need to understand before you start the home-buying process, even before you start looking or considering properties.”

If you’re ready to begin your journey toward qualifying for your first home or just need financial assistance, submit the form below and one of our caring financial counselors or loan officers will reach out to you with recommendations for first steps tailored to your specific needs.

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