Celebrating Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, Trellis would like to spotlight two of our amazing clients.

“A Future for My Daughter” – Sandra Carlon

is a courageous and hardworking 27-year-old single mother who closed on her home 2 months ago. She is raising her 8-year old daughter and has hopes of one day becoming a math teacher. Sandra comes from a family of 10 and is only the 2nd in her family to own a home. Sandra Carlon was able to receive counseling, down payment assistance, and a home loan from Trellis. She described her feelings as a new homeowner: “Scary, happy and accomplished.” Wise beyond her years, she leaves us with these words:  “Don’t be discouraged to accomplish your dreams. Everything is possible!”

“Amazed By It All”- Blanca Loera . . .

Many single women raising  2 children and going through a difficult divorce, might choose to lease an apartment or rent a small home while their financial situation settles. NOT Blanca Loera. As she stands smiling in the center of her gorgeous brand new 2-story home, Blanca explains her motivation in purchasing a new home. “I wanted my daughters to know that our tiny family of 3 has a new beginning in a nice home of our own.” After attending a free Trellis Orientation class one evening, she discovered she was eligible for down payment assistance, and as she says “I’m just amazed by it all.” We wish her well, as she pursues her Doctorate in Education at Arizona State University. She is a powerful role model for her two young daughters (ages 2 and 6).