Dalia Zepeda

Dalia Zepeda is a Loan Processor for Trellis Lending. She is no stranger to working in a non-profit or with her current client base since she has been with the same employer since 2005. In 2013, that company merged with Trellis and Dalia has never lost a step.

Processing Mortgage Loans and More

At Trellis, she does a little of everything, from loan processing and closings, to compliance and reporting, as well as many other responsibilities that help people purchase a home (https://trellisaz.org/lending/). She also facilitates the closings and fundings for portfolio, investor and down payment assistance loans. Dalia is extremely knowledgeableand has worked in almost every department at Trellis. She was a Homeownership Advisor dealing with foreclosure prevention clients, as well a Pre-Purchase Counselor before coming to the lending department. Because of her interaction with the entire team and process, she feels that every single Trellis client is very special. She knows how hard they have worked to reach their goals. Once Trellis clients ultimately come to the lending department, Dalia ensures they continue to receive that same special treatment to which they have become accustomed. Dalia believes that clients keep coming back to Trellis because they are treated like family in a very respectful and professional way.

Quarantine Quality Time

During this quarantine, Dalia is actually enjoying the time a get to spend with her family to the fullest. She loves being able to work from home, as well as being able to have dinner with all of them. She especially does not miss the late traffic coming back from the office. The drive from downtown Phoenix to the West Valley can be brutal sometimes aftera hard day of work.

Dalia really loves what she does and always enjoys helping people in any way that she can. An enriching experience during these years working in the non-profit sector has been being part of the sponsorship of several families that were picked from Kurt Warner’s First Things First Foundation (http://www.kurtwarner.org/index.html) during Christmas. The foundation selects a special family (it has to be a single mother or father) who has accomplished the task of purchasing their first home and then the foundation furnishes their entire house. They do this without the client knowing. Being able to see the family’s face when they get their keys and they enter their home, only to be greeted with such a wonderful and life-changing surprise, is just such a wonderful experience.

To contact Dalia or any of the other knowledgeable and compassionate Trellis employees, visit: https://www.trellisaz.org/about-us/staff/

About Trellis

Thinking about buying a home of your own can be as confusing and stressful, as it is exciting. What if there was someone who would be your partner from start to finish, an expert with your best interests at heart, working to make sure you have everything you need to make smart home buying decisions?

Trellis is dedicated to making stable homes and communities possible by educating, building and lending. Invested in community-building for nearly 45 years, Trellis is a one-stop shop for home buyers. As one of the few non-profit mortgage banks in Arizona, our mission is to find under-served home buyers the best possible deal on the home that’s right for you. Trellis gives them the confidence that comes with knowing they have someone in their corner – from the time they come through the door to the day they get the keys to their perfect home.

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