Dreams of Homeownership Come True

Their Dream Home Waited for Them

Congratulations to Sarah and Giovanni Damian on the purchase of their first home! They were so excited to pick up their keys yesterday. Sarah said, “Last year they had a baby for Christmas and this Christmas they have a new home.” The couple had been wanting to buy a home in Avondale for years and started following the construction the Trellis homes back in 2021.   Giovanni even took photos of every stage of the building process.

In 2022 the Damian family started working with Trellis and Maribell Valdez, their homeownership advisor, to start the homeownership process.  However, they weren’t quite ready to buy. Maribell helped set up a plan to reduce their debt and save up so they would be ready purchase a home.   They met their goals one year later and in August and told her they wanted to apply for one of the Avondale homes. Unfortunately, the homes had other families that were in the process of buying them.

A little sad, they decided to move on and look for another home.  They took the mandatory homebuyer education class here at Trellis where they saw Helga Galan, Trellis Realtor, talk about the buying journey. After the class was over, they told Helga about what type of home they wanted and that they were looking in Avondale.  Helga told them one of the potential buyers just backed out of the new Avondale homes, not knowing that was they home they originally wanted.  Excited that their dream home was available they told Helga they wanted that house and started the buying process then and there.  With Maribell’s help they were able to qualify for the down payment assistance programs from the City of Avondale, Maricopa County, Pacific Premiere Bank Wish program, Newtown Development and Trellis.

Brenda Lopez, Trellis interim CEO, and Maribell met Sarah and Giovanni in person for the first time when they came to pick up their keys on November 30th, 2023.  The couple was so excited and grateful for all the help they got from Trellis. What’s even more heartwarming about this story is that Giovanni mentioned that Trellis helped his mother buy her first home in 2001. 

Their new home is one of three houses that Trellis built in a collaborative partnership with the City of Avondale, Maricopa County, H&B Builders, and Architectural Resource Team.