Joel McCabe – VP and COO at Trellis

Joel McCabe is the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Trellis. For over six years, Joel has overseen the day to day operations, including oversight of all of the program areas (Education, real estate, and lending), for Trellis and Arboles Home Mortgage. He also assists Patricia Garcia-Duarte, Trellis President and CEO, in developing and implementing programs and policies to help meet the mission of the organization and continue to meet the needs of the community. On top of all this, Joel is the Designated Broker of Trellis Realty, LLC.

Favorite Trellis Moment

Having been with Trellis since 2014, Joel says it’s hard to pick just one moment that is his favorite. He says that he is just proud to work for such a well respected organization and such a great team doing great work every day. Joel states, “I’ve worked in community development for almost 30 years and my favorite moments are knowing that we can make a difference in our community for families and businesses.”

Coping with the Quarantine

In order to stay sane during the COVID-19 lockdown, Joel started baking bread, something he had never done before. However, he got so good at baking delicious bread that he now feels he has to get back into hiking in order to work off the effects of eating all his kitchen creations.

Other Hobbies and Fun Facts

As mentioned, Joel really enjoys hiking and completed the Phoenix Summit Challenge a couple of years ago. He would like to work up to doing another one, as well as doing an extensive hike of the Grand Canyon at some point. Joel and his family like to travel and spend time together. He is looking forward to when they can do so again.

Contact Joel McCabe

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