New name. New look. Same great organization.

Trellis is now Trellis.

After more than a year of surveys, meetings, discussions and presentations, we arrived at a new name, a new logo, new colors and new messaging.

So, why the change?

In the last 40 years, Trellis has grown. And as a result of this progress, we’ve actually outgrown our name:

  • Our service area has expanded beyond just Phoenix
  • Our programs and services have been enhanced to meet both the market demands and the needs of our clients
  • And, most importantly, our impacts have become greater.

And, our audiences have also changed. They are requesting faster, more expedited services; they are demanding more advanced ways to access our programs; they are asking us to provide them with a broader range of services. Our changes reflect both our responsiveness to stakeholder needs, as well as competitive business realities.

Why Trellis?

The word “trellis” is defined as framework that encourages growth. And that’s what we do. We help people grow, providing a foundation of support.  And that support  is necessary to make the dream of home ownership truly blossom in Arizona.

Don’t worry. Some things aren’t changing.

The way we have done and will continue to do business is staying. We have always had our clients’ best interests at heart. And we make it a point of understanding our clients’ needs. That kind of care that Trellis has modeled throughout our 40-year legacy will remain our guiding philosophy of doing business.

We hope you will join us in celebrating our next phase, with a name that more accurately reflects what we do and how we do it.