Open doors to homeownership

Our Home is Just that. It's ours

Nicolette is a native of Phoenix and chose to stay local for her two boys so they can grow up around family. Buying a home has been a lifelong dream of hers but money for the down payment and high home prices have been the main deterrents.

She heard about Trellis through a friend who used the City of Phoenix Section 32 Homeownership program. Section 32 is a program that helps first-time homebuyers who meet certain income and other criteria in Phoenix, Arizona, to be able to purchase a home. More information can be found on the City of Phoenix website

Nicolette loves being a homeowner! She said, “Our home is just that, it’s ours.” She loves making her house feel more like “us” by painting walls, making the yard more geared to her kids, or doing projects in general.

We asked her how she felt about the homeownership process and her experience working with Trellis. Nicolette said, “Honestly, it is a LONG process. I work in the residential loan industry and am very familiar with the process. Utilizing the down payment assistance programs that Trellis offers takes a lot of additional work from the buyer and Trellis’ housing counselor.”

“I would want any family starting this journey to know that you have to be willing to make this a part-time job until you close. It takes so much of your time and honestly patience. You have to be an organized person or at least channel your organization skills. With all of that said, Maribell in particular put in every bit of effort I did and helped me across the finish line, no matter what hurdles we had along the way. If you are willing to put in the extra effort to utilize this amazing program, I KNOW you will be so thankful you did. I didn’t just buy a townhouse, I bought me and my babies a home. A place where they can sleep safely every night and that is BEYOND worth it. This has been a life-altering opportunity for us.”

Nicolette was able to purchase her home with help from our down payment assistance partners. She received  $22,500 City of Phoenix Open Doors program and  $29,000  from Western Alliance Bank WISH funds.

If you are interested in becoming a homeowner and to see if you may qualify for down payment assistance and help preparing for homeownership, please contact us and sign up for Trellis homeownership advising to work one on one with our advisors. Trellis’ advisors will work with clients to see where they are in the journey towards homeownership.

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