Our Glendale Good Neighbor: Linda Moran-Whittley

Glendale resident and owner of Papa Ed’s Ice Cream Linda Moran-Whittley serves more than just scoops of ice cream to the people in her community. She gives them double scoops. One scoop of kindness and another of love, all served with rainbow sprinkles of joy on top. In our eyes, she’s the ideal recipient for one of our “Good Neighbor Initiative” front porch benches.

Linda and her family opened up the old fashioned ice cream parlor in 2008 in memory of her husband, who passed away. She wanted the parlor to help carry on his love for life. And what better way to put a smile on someone’s face than through ice cream! She felt the quaint community of Glendale’s Historic Old Towne and Catlin Court was the perfect location for the parlor and she’s been providing a welcoming, neighborly environment that encourages lots of laughter and relaxation since.

The delivery
On a beautiful Wednesday afternoon, we met Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers outside of Papa Ed’s. And to our excitement, floods of Linda’s friends, customers and neighbors were waiting in front of her ice cream shop – all there to support her! And all proving to us once more that Linda is indeed a great and valued neighbor.

When our CEO Patricia Garcia Duarte explained the award (a beautiful bench that featured two boys eating ice cream, with a dog sneaking a lick – hand-painted by artist Lisa Ferris-Terzich), Linda was so excited, so appreciative – and so super-sweet!  She said, “I am overwhelmed with joy and pride that we were nominated to receive the beautiful bench painted by Lisa. It will have a forever home at Papa Ed’s Ice Cream that our community can enjoy day after day.” And all we could hear in the crowd was, “No one is more deserving,” “She truly is the best,” and “She’s everyone’s best friend.”

Next time you explore Glendale, be sure to stop by Papa Ed’s to enjoy a scoop of ice cream on Linda’s Good Neighbor Bench! And don’t forget to bring your dog – they serve up tasty treats for pups too!

Pictured above is (from left to right): Linda Moran-Whittley, Patricia Garcia Duarte, Mayor Jerry Weiers and Lisa Ferris-Terzich.


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